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About The Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

We’re proud of our state and we’re proud of our city. Located in Linn County, Cedar Rapids is a growing, progressive city that offers something for everyone. In 2013, visitors in Linn County accounted for $734.6 million in domestic travel spending, which resulted in 6,000 jobs. View our FY2014 Annual Report for additional information.

For more than 35 years, the Cedar Rapids Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (CRACVB) has attracted new events and conferences to the community, provided service and support for existing and repeat events, distributed comprehensive information to Cedar Rapids area visitors, and supported plans for future visitor product development. In Eastern Iowa, we encourage community pride and educate Cedar Rapids about the value of visitors, tourism and travel in Iowa.

Our Mission: The CRACVB is dedicated to the development and marketing of Cedar Rapids as an appealing destination. We want to attract visitors by offering a wide variety of pursuits, thus enhancing the economy of our region.

Our Vision: The Cedar Rapids area will be a vibrant, enticing destination of choice for people seeking a diverse mix of cool urban and authentic rural experiences. We will be the hub for a uniquely Iowan mix of entertainment, sports, business and leisure pursuits, thereby attracting visitors and residents from around the world.

If you’re planning a visit, event or relocating to Cedar Rapids, we can help! Contact us today.